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    Windows Deployment Services (WDS) PowerShell CMDLETS have long been awaited for and they have arrived in Windows Server 2012 R2 with PowerShell 4.0.

    Windows PowerShell is a tasked based command line shell consisting of a verb-noun syntax.  PowerShell is also a scripting language designed to assist administrators in automating tasks.  There are 33 new CMDLETs specifically for WDS.

    The WDS manifest will not be available to import or use until after you install the WDS role. To view the available manifests that can be imported launch PowerShell and type get-module –listavailable.

    Notice the WDS manifest is not available?


    After installing WDS the manifest is now available.  Launch PowerShell and type Get-Module –Listavailable.  One thing I do want to point out.  A lot of blogs and even the Technet article on WDS cmdlets list the manifest as WindowsDeploymentService note the manifest is named simply WDS.


    The new inline feature PowerShell does not require you import the manifest for use. To view just the cmdlets for WDS, type Get-Command –Module WDS.

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    If you wanted to get the count of the number of WDS cmdlets available, type
    Get-Command –Module WDS| measure.


    To get help on any individual cmdlet type Get-Help cmdlet-name, for instance to get help on how to import a Boot Image into WDS using PowerShell , type Get-Help Import-wdsbootimage.

    If this is the first time you have used the help system in PowerShell you will be prompted to update the help system (see images below).




    To get additional information on how to use the Import-wdsbootimage cmdlet type one of the following;

    Get-Help Import-wdsbootimage – examples, Get-Help Import-wdsbootimage –details
    Get-Help Import-wdsbootimage –full or Get-Help Import-wdsbootimage –online.

    Now it is time to get busy and get some WDS images created and deployed.

    Until next time RIDE SAFE!!
    Rick Trader
    Windows Server Instructor – Interface Technical Training
    Phoenix, AZ

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