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  • Using File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) to protect files stored inside of documents with RMS Encryption


    Corporate policy states that sales employees should not be storing customer credit card information especially credit card numbers on the file servers.  As the administrator of the file sever you have been tasked with locating any files that have what look like suspected credit card numbers based on known numerical stings.  You have automated the process and classify the card based off of vender.

    It is now time to use FCI to protect the discovered files with RMS Encryption.

    Let’s get started.

    1. Launch the File Server Resource Manager from the Tools dropdown menu in Server Manager.


    1. To create a File Management Task either Right click on File Management Task and click on Create File Management Task or click on Create File Management Task in the Actions Panel
    1. In the Create File Management Task dialog box, on the General tab of Create Classification Rule type the desired name, click Scope tab.


    1. On the Scope tab click Add, then browse to the appropriate directory structure, click OK, then click the Action


    1. On the Action tab ensure RMS Encryption is chosen in the Type dropdown menu. Configure the desired permissions, then click the Notification
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    1. On the Notification tab, add a desired email address is you wish an administrator to be notified when this File Management Task runs, click on the Report


    1. On the Report tab, verify the reports you desired to be created, click on the Condition


    1. On the Conditions tab, click Add on the Properties Condition dialog box ensure the correct Property and Operator are selected and Value is set to Yes click OK, click on the Schedule


    1. On the Schedule tab, configure the desired automatic schedule of when you would like the task to run then click


    Now that the File management task has been created, execute the task to verify that it works as desired.

    1. To run a File Management Task either Right click on the desired File Management Task and click on Run File Management Task or click on Create File Management Task in the Actions Panel.


    1. Choose whether to run the task in the background or wait.
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    1. Review the HTML document that shows the files that were classified with sensitive credit card information were moved to your desired directory.

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    Until next time … RIDE SAFE!

    Rick Trader
    Windows Server Instructor – Interface Technical Training
    Phoenix, AZ

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