Video – Getting Started with Android App Development with Judy Lipinski

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Video – Getting Started with Android App Development with Judy Lipinski

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Added by February 7, 2014
Video – Getting Started with Andriod Development with Judy Lipinski

Getting Started with Android App Development

In this Interface Video Blog, Mobile App Development instructor Judy Lipinski discuses what developers will need to know before getting started developing with Android.

The first requirement is that developers working in Android need to be able to program in Java. When developing Android apps there are tools available such as Eclipse and the Android Developer kit into Dalvik code.

Fortunately, most Android Development code is open source so there’s really no initial cost to get started in programming Android Apps. The only cost is when you’re making your apps available on Google Play. There is a $25 registration fee and selling apps on Google Play costs 30% of the application cost.

There are numerous versions of SDK Releases. It’s important for Developers to know what limitations may exist in previous SDK versions. This is where tools such as Eclipse are helpful for Developers to determine what functions and features are available in prior releases. If an App isn’t available on previous SDK releases, some devices will not have the app available in the Google Play Store.

When developing apps for iOS, there is a more stringent structure. When developing apps for Android, it’s much more “free-form”. It’s easier for developers to upload their apps into Google Play. Then it’s up to user ratings to determine whether the app is good or not.

Fortunately, Android Developers do not need to purchase all the numerous devices that are running Android. Eclipse gives developers the ability to build apps for virtually all of the Android enabled devices in the marketplace.

In this video, Judy also discusses the benefits and challenges of Android vs iOS, data storage requirements including Web Services, SQL, XML and JSON.

Judy Lipinski teaches ANDRD300: Getting Started with Android Programming at Interface Technical Training in Phoenix, AZ.

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