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The Self-Join SQL Query

There are times when it is necessary to join a table to itself. Let’s take a look at the Employee table in the AdventureWorks database to understand the need for a self-join and then how to put one together. We’ll see how to put together a simple self-join and then how to join more tables … Continue reading The Self-Join SQL Query

Downloading all Adventureworks databases by Jeff Jones – Interface Technical Training

You can get to all Adventureworks databases by going to the following link on Codeplex.com. This includes, Adventureworks, AdventureworksDW, Adventureworks2008, AdventureworksDW2008 and AdventureworksLT2008. Make sure you download the correct release of the samples based on the release of SQL Server you are using. Adventureworks Sample Databases – http://msftdbprodsamples.codeplex.com/