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Windows 10 – Ready, Set …

I continue to play with Windows 10. Play is the operative word. I haven’t found sufficient power to cause me to use Windows 10 as my primary system. Not yet. As my director suggested, “Pioneers catch the arrows”. One shouldn’t expect any less when reviewing a technical preview. Microsoft still has considerable work to do … Continue reading Windows 10 – Ready, Set …

Windows 10 – First Look

In my last Windows 10 blog I had just installed the operating system using an ‘in place upgrade’ from Windows 8.1. Several of the desktop features appear to be residue from Lenovo and my Windows 8.1 environment, although there is a clear difference. First, there is no more Start Screen. We are back to the … Continue reading Windows 10 – First Look

Windows 10 Introduction

Just finished watching a Microsoft Webcast, “What’s Next with Windows 10” with Stephen Rose and Jeremy Korst. I became a member of the ‘Windows Insider Program’ last week and downloaded a copy of the Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO file.  I am also in the process of upgrading my Lenovo ThinkPad from Windows 8.1 (with … Continue reading Windows 10 Introduction