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Mental Sprint and Recover by Steven Fullmer PMP

Mind you, I studied neurochemistry, but am not a practicing neuroscientist. I do however actively study leadership and productivity, and have done so for more than 30 years. During that time I have continually monitored advances in our understanding of brain science. Perhaps the most asked question during and after my Understanding the Mind webinar … Continue reading Mental Sprint and Recover by Steven Fullmer PMP

Before you Rebuild your Computer (Actually, before your system fails)

Sometimes the Universe sends you a message. We don’t listen, so the Universe sends it again. And again. Until we learn. Four friends, clients, former students contacted me during my holiday time to request (beg?) assistance recovering or rebuilding their systems following hardware replacement, operating system upgrades, or malware intrusion. Several dozens of my hours, … Continue reading Before you Rebuild your Computer (Actually, before your system fails)

Schedule SFC scan NOW!

With the recent (May 2014) occurrence of a significant Windows Internet Explorer bug, we are reminded of the potential for Windows OS intrusion and damage. No matter how proactive we become, cyber criminals will continue to pursue efforts to intrude, destroy, or disrupt system performance. Vigilance is important. Both scheduled and random reviews of the … Continue reading Schedule SFC scan NOW!

Windows 8 Startup Hints

Windows 8 users are running into a variety of start-up issues. Okay, let me attempt to restate this. Windows 8 can start so swiftly or specifically that users are running into an inability to interpret or properly interrupt the start process for debug or diagnostic purposes even though Windows 8 offers a greater variety of … Continue reading Windows 8 Startup Hints