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    My good buddy Lorin Thwaits invited me to give a WCF talk at the Vista launch event on Feb. 3rd for the Arizona .NET User Group. Thanks to everyone who attended…I had a lot of fun and met some great people. For those that didn’t attend, the video below shows the code demo I ran through in the presentation. Here’s a summation of what it’s all about:

    Windows Communication Foundation (WCF – part of .NET 3.0) provides a robust framework that allows Web Services and .NET Remoting applications to be built and consumed using a consistent object model. In this video tutorial I walk through the fundamentals of creating a WCF service exposed through HTTP and IIS. Topics covered include defining a data contract using XSD schemas, generating data entity code using svcutil.exe, creating a service interface, implementing a service interface and consuming a service through a client-side proxy. The code shown in the video can be downloaded here.

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