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Renaming SQL Server

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Added by December 1, 2006

The following is a T-SQL script you can use to rename your SQL Server after you have changed the computer name. This script will work if you are connected to the default instance or a named instance. After running the script, you must restart SQL Server for the action to complete.

DECLARE @machinename sysname, @servername sysname, @instancename sysname
SELECT @instancename =
WHEN charindex('\', @@servername) = 0 THEN ''
ELSE SUBSTRING(@@servername,
CHARINDEX('\', @@servername), (len(@@servername)+ 1) –
CHARINDEX('\', @@servername))
SET @machinename = convert(nvarchar(100), serverproperty('machinename')) + @instancename;
EXEC sp_dropserver @@servername;
EXEC sp_addserver @machinename, 'local'

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